Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being Silly

Nolan got a special treat from his teachers at daycare the other day... Chocolate Ice Cream! I thought it was so sweet and well calculated that they waited and sent the kids home with the ice cream rather than having them eat it BEFORE they left. LOL It was so funny to turn around and see this little chocolate face smiling back at me. Everyday my sweet baby boy brings so much joy to all our lives. I love him so much!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Ready For Baby Emi

 We have been busy preparing for a very special event coming up... the arrival of our sweet baby girl, Emi. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and honestly just getting in the swing of things. Despite having felt really tested emotionally, spiritually and physically over the past year I can say without any reservation that God has blessed our family so much. Our entire family is so excited to have a baby girl coming into this world to join us. Pinks and frills are going to be a part of our everyday lives and I could not be happier.

Nolan enjoying spending time in Emi's room and playing with her things - afterall everything is Nolan's too (atleast in his mind at this point). The amazing mirror in the back was found by me and Mom (actually everything was found by me and Mom).  

 A special thanks goes to my Mom who really helped me to get excited about this and become comfortable with decorating and buying girly things. The past year has held challenges that have tested me but my Mom has been there supporting me and holding me every step of the way feeling and experiencing everything right there with me. It's only now that I am a Mother that I truly know how much a child's pain can be felt by a parent. God has blessed me and my children with a wonderful Mother and Grandmother!
 What girl doesn't need a blingy piggy bank?
 Makoto has been amazing! He has taken on this project and really owned it - I love that he can be my motivator at times when I need it the most. He wanted eveything to be perfect and it is - I had a vision and he has really worked to bring it to life.
 Something fun and girly for decoration.
 Makoto detailing his work.
 Assembling the swing and bouncy seat again was fun and a reminder of how much my little boy has grown!
 Loved the frilly pillow - every girl should have one!
 The mirror we found was beautiful but I envisioned it in white so that was another thing "Daddy" aka Makoto had to make happen and he did a great job.

Picture frames still need to be hung, bedding and lighting still to be ordered but we are almost there! I can see the finish line and I know I will love the results.
Can't wait to rock with my little princess in her nursery!