Thursday, February 4, 2010

We have a BOY!!!

Makoto and I awoke early on Monday, February 1st anxious for our 10:15 appointment and finally finding out what our precious baby was going to be. We jumped up showered, dressed and waited for my parents to arrive at the house (Mom a.k.a. Proud Grandma) was planning on spending the day with us. Text messages from friends and family began to pour in on my cell phone reminding me of how many people were anxiously awaiting the same news.
We entered the dr.s office, signed in and were taken straight back. The 20 minute wait until the ultrasound felt like an eternity! Luckily just as I was about to lose patience they called us all into the ultrasound room. Now as you remember...last time we attempted this we had no success my assumption was that I simply did not provide a big enough audience for this secret to be revealed. Not this time, as soon as the wand touched my belly there was my baby positioned behind upward providing a perfect view for his male anatomy! Out came the words - well you're definately having a boy! All three of us busted out in laughter and smiled at each other. It was like no other feeling finally knowing (in case you have not picked up on it I'm somewhat inpatient). From that instant second I could see little blue jumpers, baseball games, a nursery filled with little boy colors (blues, greens, yellows and maybe even a touch of orange just to make Daddy and Pops happy).

The rest of the appointment continued in complete amazement as the technician took a close look at every part of Nolan. It was a blessing to receive the news that everything looked very good and that we were both growing and doing well.

After some baby furniture browsing and lunch we went shopping for some cute little boy outfits as I was really in the mood to buy sometime for my baby boy! Below are the items we brought back! It was a fabulous day, one I will remember forever!