Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Angel Baby,

It is now only three days from our big date where we will get to see you and discover your secret. I am so excited to show Daddy and Grandma the wonder that comes with seeing you on ultrasound. Whether we find out girl or boy I will likely be so overjoyed that I cry with emotion (Daddy says I cry about everything).

Our family has a very special day planned on Monday after the ultrasound. Soon after phone calls will need to be made to family and friends to share the news. From there we head to finalize baby furniture, register and finally buy a gender appropriate outfit. Grandma has planned a very special dinner that evening with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and your Uncles Josh and Ryan. (I can't wait!)

While we all continue to dream about the special day when you arrive and we get to hold you for the first time, we will be happy in knowing that you are safe, growing and thriving in my belly!

Already love you more than you will ever know!

Love, Mommy

P.S. Below is a photo of Mommy and Daddy as a baby! Thought this would be fun to share with you so that you can see what a unique and wonderful combination you will one day be!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it a Boy or a Girl? We still don't know!


We had our long awaited 20 week appointment on Tuesday, January 5th with Dr. Grumbach. Now I always knew that while most people had their BIG ultrasounds scheduled at this point mine wasn't going to take place until February (at 24 weeks). I have no idea why I but my doctor wanted to wait until then and since he has been with me through everything else I opted to accept his judgement.

Now the BIG ultrasound is really for checking the baby's organs and making sure everything is physically in check. The added bonus for most parents is that this gives us the opportunity to find out if we are having a beautiful baby girl or a handsome baby boy. At my 16 week appointment the Dr. explained what would happen at my next appointment - it didn't include an ultrasound! After a little bit to complaint he said, "ok, at your next appointment if I have time I might take a quick peek at the gender with the portable ultrasound machine." I held on to this for the next four weeks.

I arrived at the Dr.'s office on January 5th at 11:00 a.m. - had the usual lab work done, and headed back to the exam room. Dr. Grumbach came in asked questions, checked everything out and provided a good report. He finally asked how I was doing - my reply, "that depends on whether or not you will take a peek at the baby and tell me boy or girl." He smiled and said I will take a 2 minutes look but can't promise anything.

The jelly went on my belly and there in black and white was my little angel. There is no better feeling of relief than to see your baby and know they are doing just fine. Dr. G described everything he saw - providing me with a basic play by play then came Nurse Linda's comment, "is that baby's legs crossed?" Dr. G, "Yep, I'll try a few angles but it looks like your baby doesn't want to cooperate today.

After many attempts on his part we had to give up. Now we are forced to wait another 4 weeks until Monday, February 1st! Koto was not able to make it to my 20 week appt. so it was no surprise that when I went to check out he had sent several text messages asking if I knew anything yet. The next couple hours were spent spreading the news about my baby's preference to sit Indian style. I have opted to believe that Baby Y preferred to hold out for a much bigger audience in order to reveal his/her secret.

At my next appointment I will have both my husband and my Mom there to support me and share in the wonder of seeing this baby on the ultrasound screen and finding out the answer to the question everyone is waiting to hear!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

It is officially a new year and I can not wait to experience all that 2010 will bring especially the arrival of my little Angel in May. This past year was an interesting one...holding some of my worst experiences and ones that will forever be measured as my best. My life has changed so much since this time last year. I went from measuring my success by the length I had climbed on a corporate latter to now measuring it by my experiences with friends and family. Change brings new challenges that can remind us that we are capable of more than we ever thought possible. I have opened my own company and started consulting but not for the original purpose I had many years ago of making lots of money but for finding happiness in what I do and spending more time with my family.

20 weeks

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant! It amazes me how time can fly by without you even knowing it. I'm half way there and everyday I continue to ponder the question I am constantly asked, "Are you having a boy or a girl?" The wait is closing and we hope to know as early as next week!
The most amazing gift I have been given this holiday is feeling the baby for the first time! There are no words that can accurately describe this feeling but... it is amazing, miraculous and life changing! While the baby doesn't "flutter or pop" constantly he/she is pretty active with what I can only imagine is some form of acrobatics.

Promise and Commitment

I promise to blog more and share this special time in my life so that I never forget! ;)