Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing Dress Up in Japan

We are currently experiencing our first family trip to Japan and it has already been amazing! There will be many posts and pictures to come but yesterday was a very special day for me and my mother-in-law Mayumi. She took us to her Aunt`s traditional Japanese style home to give me a day of beauty and dress up! She got to see me in a traditional white wedding Kimono, royal kimono (which had only 5 layers opposed to the usual 12!!) and a fun beautiful cherry blossom Kimono. I had the opportunity to be prepped for one hour with hair (a traditional Japanese wig) and make-up - this usually takes 3 hours so I was thankful for the quicker version. Now these are Kimono`s that I will likely never experience again - Brides in Japan can borrow these for their wedding and get the hair and make-up for around $10K! Here are a few pics of the experience - it was amazing and I will remember that moment with Mayumi forever! (Special thanks to our family (the O`Haras) for doing this and providing us with an amazing dinner that followed!)