Friday, June 25, 2010

4 Weeks and Counting

It is hard for me to believe that this time four weeks ago I was preparing to meet my baby boy for the first time! Time really does have a mind of its own when you become a parent. Nolan has grown and changed so much in just 4 weeks time.

We have experienced so much in the past four weeks here are just a few memories that come to mind:
*Our (correction - MY) first night without any sleep

*All the many, many other nights without sleep - I'm amazed how little sleep a mother can get and still semi-function the next day.

*All the worries that come with attempting to breastfeed (Is my baby getting enough food? Am I doing this right?)

*Learning how to determine what Nolan is crying for (Truth is... we really just go through a check system: 1. Does he have a wet or dirty diaper? 2. Has he been feed recently or is he hungry? 3. Is he pushing and squirming due to gas?

*Sponge bathing him for the first time to his first full bath in the bathroom sink

*Finally, the estimated 260 diaper changes that have occured thus far!

On that final note, I wanted to share with everyone the difference between Mommy's diaper changes and Daddy's.
Daddy's Diaper Change -

Mommy's Diaper Change -
But no matter how the diapers get changed or the night shifts divided up one thing is certain BOTH Mommy and Daddy LOVE this little boy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Baby Is A Genius!

Now I realize that everyone believes their child to be gifted, talented, smart, advanced (you get the idea). The thing is... what kind of parents would we be if we didn't think every move our child made was special? Today, Nolan discovered he could hold his paci (now I realize that this could be a reflex at this age but it was miraculous none the less).

Makoto and I had begun to notice that on occasion he would grasp the paci but as we were preparing dinner tonight he began to fuss and the paci seemed like a good momentary solution. The next thing we know Nolan has the paci grasped and just begins to chill out for what seemed like an eternity! He just sat there taking in all the sights of the living room and of Mommy's face all the while enjoying his paci.

Many people have given me advice on the paci some positive, sighting the benefits of developing a strong sucking reflex and self-soothing technique, and some negative, referencing nipple confusion and the start of bad habits that could follow him well past the toddler age. Let me just say... we LOVE the paci! I find that I can't always help to calm him or soothe him and the paci is a means for him to do that. Thus far (with fingers crossed) we have had no trouble bouncing between sucking on the paci, breastfeeding and yes, on occasion bottle feeding. He seems to get the hang of it all and for now we will thank are lucky stars for this!

Chillin' with my paci!

Showing Mommy and Daddy my paci holding skills!

Still got the hang of holding my paci at bedtime!

Just another cute photo of baby boy sleeping!

My little fuzzy head - this was not too long after a bath - you can always tell because that hair sticks straight up!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We are now in week two of my sweet baby's life and already we have seen some significant changes. We have started to feel out Nolan's cries and determined which are hunger (this is rare), which are dirty diaper cries (these are the most baby does NOT like to be dirty - he cries almost within a minute of soiling his diaper) and finally gas cries (these are the most frustrating for Mommy and Daddy). Sleeping patterns are still being figured out but we have made some great progress at moving his long sleeping spells to the evening hours where they belong.
We have also had some changes this week with his umbilical cord falling off. Now, I'm a first time Mom so of course, I have been diligent/obsessive about cleaning and caring for this attached piece of cord. While I was waiting for it to fall off I was taken back by the small bit of sadness at seeing it go. Now before you write me off as a total weirdo let me explain.... This and the healing of other parts (that almost traumatized me when they were initially done) have healed completely! These "changes" as I call them are showing me that time is beginning to turn again and that my baby is growing by the day. I know all too well from watching my friends and all their angels grow that this happens so fast! I've waited for this time in my life for so long that I want to enjoy and revel in every minute of it before it's gone. Sound dramatic? Maybe. But I do know that Nolan will grow up faster than I am ready for him to so for now I plan on snuggling, cuddling, kissing, holding and marveling at every moment!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Picture Perfect

This weekend we had a very special visitor, Aunt Liz! She came to Columbia to meet Nolan for the first time and to take some pictures. Now Liz has a real talent for photography - some people think they have it, some people wish they had it but Liz was blessed with the eye and talent for photos.

I have watched as she has taken pictures of her daughter Neeley, her friends and family always amazed at how she captures a moment. Well, it was finally my turn to have her (and her camera) here all to myself. Below is just a preview of what is to come from this awesome photo session! Thank you Liz for being so talented and for being such a great bestie - Love ya lots!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bath Time!

Nolan had his first bath yesterday and lets just say he was not a happy camper! I'm pretty sure the chill of being unwrapped from his warm little comfort zone had a lot to do with it. Still... there is nothing in this world more irresistible that a good smelling baby! Check out the experience...

I held on to my little man while Mom assisted in bathing him off (no worries we were sure not to get his umbilical cord wet!)

This is the most I have heard him scream since we have been home.

We had to wash all that hair he has been blessed with from Mommy and Daddy!

Even though he is clearly not happy he is still the cutest!

As soon as he was wrapped in that towel he was all good.

Slick hair!

Wrapped up like a little burritto! He loves it!

This is what happens when both Nolan and his Daddy get cleaned up for bed accompanied by full tummies! Love my men!