Friday, August 10, 2012

Like Mother Like Son

Fighting Sleep

Every kid grows up with one or two stories that they hear about themselves over and over again. The story that is brought up at every family gathering and discussed in detail. The one that you could recite word for word as it has become so repetative and sure to provide laughs for any occassion.

One such story has followed me throughout my life and it has to do with my disdain for going to sleep as a child. I HATED bedtime, naptime, any time that really meant that I would "miss" something or not be front and center - needless to say sleep was my enemy and I attempted to avoid it and when faced with it I FOUGHT! Here is where the punchline comes in - I fought sleep so much that more often than not I became known, in my family, for falling asleep in my food (literally). Face down in the green beans, forehead in the mashed potatoes - that was me. Yeah it's funny but for me I was always wondering WHY my Mom didn't just catch me or put me down before this happened as she always knew that it would.

Fast forward 30+ years later and I got my answer. My beautiful son is the whole world to me and has been blessed with a wonderful family, smarts from Mom (and Dad), curiousity from his Dad, a loud mouth from his Mom and apparently my same bout with sleep. Nolan HATES to go to sleep - he avoids it, he even compromises (at the ripe old age of 2) and finally he fights it - JUST LIKE HIS MOMMY used to. The funny thing now is that I LOVE to go to sleep - it is one of my favorite times of the day - I wish parents got naptime. But back to my initial question and answer..... My Mom never stopped it for the same reason I didn't stop it recently when Nolan began to fall alseep at dinner. He was just too cute!!! I was transfixed on his beautiful little face as it made its way around so many expressions trying to eat and fill his hunger while avoiding the fact that he was exhausted. It burned a memory that will forever be in my heart and I admit I can't wait until it happens again!

So, Nolan is doomed to forever hear that he hated sleep and fought it valiantly only to finally surrender face first in his food! LOL See the evidence below.