Monday, June 13, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 Months and Growing...

Nolan is growing and learning at the speed of light! Everyday we discover that he has learned something new. It could a new word(s) like "turtle" or "good girl" or how to point to his nose, head, eyes, ears and belly button. It may be coming home to and experiencing that he has surpassed simply walking and now perfers running and climbing (particularly up the stairs or on the couch). He is so smart! I can see him working things out in that amazing brain of his discovering new and exciting things each minute of each day. The most amazing of all this is how much his desire to learn has sparked my desire to teacher. Every Mother likely wishes that they could be part of their child learning and developing at the very moment they discover they have these capabilities (examples are crawling, walking, talking, etc.) In an effort to keep up, we engage Nolan every night through conversation and play! Here are some of the moments we experienced in the past couple weeks. 


"Purple" & "Good Girl"

"Picking Up Golf Balls"

"Having fun with Daddy"