Thursday, December 30, 2010

7 Months and Growing

Nolan was offically 7 months old on December 28th! He is growing by leaps and bounds! He has started eating baby food and is very opinionated about the ones he does not care for (another area that he takes after Mommy on). He is also teething - we went from no teeth to 2 bottom teeth and now he is working on 4 top teeth! Needless to say he hasn't been feeling well with those.

The most exciting part is his ability to crawl (although only backwards for right now)! I've posted some video to share with everyone on all the things this baby boy has been up to. We love and miss you all! Our family can't wait to experience all the wonder that 2011 will bring!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starting the Season Off Right

We started the Christmas Season off right after Thanksgiving. In fact, the next day we decorated and that weekend everyone headed back to our house to watch as Nolan put his first ornament on the tree. What we did not expect was a tree of Nolan's very own and enough first christmas ornaments to decorate it! This is to start him off with a love of Christmas just like his Mommy and Grandma have. Nolan now has a tree in his nursery and we enjoy looking at it while we rock to sleep each night.

"Grandaddy" started Nolan off with his first present, (although he claims this to be a Thanksgiving day gift) a rocking horse. Our sweet baby boy LOVES his horsey! Check out all the festivities:

Thanksgiving 2010

We had so much to be thankful for over the Thanksgving holiday! Our family has (over the past 4 years) come to our house to celebrate the holiday and we love having a house full of family. Everyone brings something and we sit around reminded of how lucky we are to have each other. We enjoyed our family, good food and watching Nolan take his first taste of baby food (carrots).