Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Months and Growing

Nolan is growing at such an alarming rate - I can hardly believe how fast he is learning. You can see in his eyes when he is watching and thinking deeply about something (the majority of the time he is trying to form sounds and words).

He is sitting up and rolling over with zero difficulty. He loves to hear himself talk and we love to listen - he can get quite loud (like Mommy)! He is eating rice cereal once a day at dinner time when Mom and Dad eat. This was a challenge at first but he is getting to be a pro. Veggie baby food is coming up soon so we are excited about that.

Nolan can turn and somehow rotate himself 180 degrees on the floor? No crawling yet but we are seeing his interest in moving grow more and more each day. Check out the FABULOUS photos Aunt Liz did to capture this time in his life.