Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nolan's Nursery

Now that we have been able to put up so much of what we have been blessed to recieve from friends and family Nolan's nursery has really come to life! With the exception of a few more pieces such as his rocking chair, some additional wall art and a rug we are almost finished!

Now that I have reached what I am told is the nesting phase I've been really focused on getting the house ready for our little bundle of joy. I think the room is perfect and will be a place of peace and relaxation (atleast initally...before he goes mobile).

BIG NOTE: At my last doctors appointment we were told Nolan had dropped! This news has definately contributed to my obession at getting things wrapped up and ready. Check out the progress below.

A Fabulous Weekend!

The weekend of April 10th was such a special one for me. We started on Saturday with the Orangeburg March of Dimes Walk at Edisto Gardens. So many friends and family came out in support of a very special little miracle - Morgan Kate! It was so much fun getting the opportunity to see all the girls and reflect on how much we have all grown over the past 12 years since high school. Most of us are parents or we are close to becoming parents - it was very special to see that despite time, distance and whatever else is between us the bond is still there! I couldn't help but think about next year when Makoto and I will have Nolan in our lives and he will be the baby of the group. (Note: I have already told Koto that he will be the one pushing Nolan's stroller on the 5 mile walk - LOL).

On Sunday, April 11th my very best friends hosted a Baby Shower for me in Orangeburg. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have so many wonderful people in my life sharing in this special time. Friends and family showed up from Orangeburg, Columbia, Beaufort, McCormick and everywhere else to be there for me and I will never forget how special it was. The girls went above and beyond my expectations with there creativity and talent for entertaining. Here are a few photos showing how much fun it all was.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Nolan!

Wow, it has been way too long since I updated the blog and so much has happened. One of the most exciting of these updates is the development of Nolan's nursery. We began by picking out paint colors and I wanted to go with something a little different than your traditional baby blue so I chose a blue that was almost navy in color. Special thanks to my brother Josh and my Aunt Carla for coming over to help paint. As the walls started to take shape/color, I began to panic that maybe the color was too dark... so in a last minute effort to lighten things up we painted one wall a lighter shade of blue and the end result - PERFECTION!

We also had so much fun going with my parents to search for nursery furniture and finally found the perfect set from Baby Furinture Plus Kids in Columbia. We went with Young America and I LOVE it! Now my Mom and I had already picked out furniture and decided on what we were going to buy but as with a lot of my earlier decisions that changed on arrival. The color of the furniture was too creamy yellow and I was going for white. My Mom, Dad and Makoto were all about to give up several hours into me going back and forth in the store but as they say the best comes to those who wait!

Finally, we were super excited to get the news that Nolan's crib for my parent's house was ready. Now for those of you who are unaware, my Mom couldn't be more excited about her grandson and to show just how excited... she has begun preparing for him to stay with her as soon as possible. She started by choosing to have our old crib refurnished (with the help of MiMi - thank you!) and it turned out wonderful. I think knowing that he will be sleeping in the same place I slept makes it that much more special. Mom also selected crib bedding that perfectly coordinated with the house and specifically her bedroom. That's right HER BEDROOM! My parents have completed all this and placed the crib in their bedroom next to their bed! :) My parents want nothing more than Koto and I to consider our visits to Orangeburg as time off and allow them to do as much as possible - we shall see....

Now that we have the basic bones of the Nursery now comes the details. We are working on placing a wall decal, art, pillows, baskets, toys, etc. to give the nursery its personality. I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished nursery as soon as I actually complete it.